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Our Story


Our Story


The Beginning

AutoSport Wiring began operating in 2003, as a new Company ready to fill a void in the modification process of 4th generation Toyota Supra's. 


While the mission remains the same, over time the Company  has expanded its base to include many other Makes and Models. The product line now includes  Acura, Honda, Infinity,  Mitsubishi, Nissan, Lexus, Scion and Subaru-- to name a few. 


AutoSport Wiring sells its products world wide.  Shipping arrangements are made to any destination to accommodate customer requirements.


In addition to the base line of harnesses, customized wiring jobs are also part of the Companies offerings.  Customers may submit a custom request, and work with our teams to refine and build a final product. 


AutoSport Wiring harnesses are top notch products built with a high level of skill and precision.  The quality of AutoSport Wiring harnesses and custom wiring work is a large part of why the Company has been so successful and experienced explosive growth.  Each harness is carefully tested and validated to specification.   The work is always guaranteed for accuracy.


About the Owner

Richard Welch started Hot Roding cars when he brought his first car home in 1978 at the age of 15 (a V8 Chevy Monza). . He has a passion for performance cars of all origins, brands, ages and colors! Richard is presently a licensed airline mechanic with over 17 years of experience. On most days, he assembles Rolls Royce engine wiring harnesses and wiring assemblies for the Boeing 767 and 777 aircraft.

Richard's passion for cars, wiring harness skill and knowledge  and a need for his own Supra harness fueled the beginning of Autosport Wiring (not to mention a large pay cut by his "full-time" employer!).


It has been an exciting venture, to say the least!  


Richard has a keen sense of business knowledge coupled with a a passion for quality and customer service.   He is constantly striving to improve the products to ensure his customers get the best quality possible, and are completely satisfied with his products.


About the Staff

Several staff members bring together over 50 years of knowledge in wiring assemblies, electrical engineering and quality assurance testing and information systems design.

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About the Product

An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Wiring Patch Harness is a short electrical harness that is installed between a vehicles ECU and its wiring.

All AutoSport Wiring Patch harnesses use the Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) connectors, plugs and contacts to allow it to plug easily into place. With this harness, late model cars can now have electronic modifications wired safely and easily into it at a workbench, without having to cut into and possibly damage the factory wiring harness.

No more standing on your head to do underdash wiring modifications!



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